Our process produces high-quality phosphoric acid suitable for value-added products that sell at a premium, driving billion-dollar markets.


Phosphoric acid is used in both solid and liquid fertilizers—the latter being in low supply and difficult to produce because they require high-quality phosphoric acid; liquid fertilizers are compatible with no-till and precision agriculture to help reduce inefficient use of phosphates.

Global Fertilizer Market in 2021 including $15B1 in liquid fertilizer (growing at a 3.4% CAGR)2

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Li-ion batteries replace environmentally harmful nickel/cobalt batteries and require high quality phosphoric acid. Production of LFPs and phosphate precursors needed for Li-ion batteries is dominated by Chinese producers while global demand surges for use in EVs and grid-scale storage.

Global Lithium-Ion Battery market in 2021 (growing at a 19.3% CAGR to $274B by 2030)3

Other Phosphoric Acid Applications


Food & Beverage

Cleaning Products

Water & Metal Treatment

Flame Retardants


Chemical Manufacturing

Laboratory & Research

Animal Feed