All life requires phosphate. It plays an essential role in DNA, cell walls, photosynthesis, energy transfers, and many other biological structures and functions. 

In our modern world, phosphate dependency is inherent in almost everything we do.  

Phosphate is mined and processed to fertilize our farms. It is added to animal feed to raise our livestock. Many industries, including pharmaceuticals, construction, and even the production of lithium-ion batteries, rely on phosphate.

Through significant investment and research, Novaphos has created a groundbreaking method to produce phosphate. When fully scaled, our phosphate capacity will dramatically increase and endure, strengthening national security, food security, and related supply chains.

Good for business and for the planet, Novaphos technologies have many benefits: 

  • Higher-quality phosphoric acid
  • No difficult or large-scale waste disposal issues
  • Scalable and modest footprint
  • Lower operating costs
  • Usable, sellable co-products
  • Local/regional production enabled
  • Increase in phosphate rock resources
  • Helping customers create high-value products that minimize environmental impacts