J-Rox™ are a safe co-product of both Novaphos processes and can be used as a better alternative in the concrete industry.


J-Rox™ are a great substitute for fly ash, which is in short supply and often mandated for various cement and concrete applications. Displacing cement production is a high priority means to reduce global CO2 emissions.

Global fly ash market in 2022 (growing at a 6.4% CAGR to $20.5B by 2030)1

Special Aggregate

The porosity and lightweight structure of J-Rox™ make them a better substitute for lighweight aggregates—they reduce the weight of concrete structures and help with internal curing of concrete.

Global lightweight aggregates market in 2021 (growing at a 5.3% CAGR to $3.2B by 2030)2


J-Rox™ can be used as a fertilizer delivering plant available silicon, a beneficial substance that is particularly important for crops like sugar and rice.

Global silicon fertilizer market in 2021 (growing at 3.85% CAGR to $124.6M by 2027)3

"The strong desire by the Florida DOT and the concrete industry to seek alternatives to the fly ash makes the timely introduction of J-Rox™ to the market a smart decision by Novaphos." —Jamshid Armaghani, PhD; Global Sustainable Solutions