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Novaphos is dedicated to making phosphates better. We are moving to commercialize our proprietary technologies. We can produce high-quality phosphoric acid from low-quality phosphate rock without producing large-volume wastes. And we can reprocess existing phosphogypsum.

Phosphates are essential for life, and production of phosphate products is a critical part of producing enough food for humanity. Most of our phosphate products come from converting a limited mineral resource—phosphate rock—into phosphoric acid. But there is a problem with how we produce phosphates: we depend on an old industrial process that uses phosphate rock inefficiently and produces a large volume of hazardous phosphogypsum. 

A Focus on Phosphoric Acid

Novaphos was founded in 2008 as JDCPhosphate by Dr. Joseph Megy to develop his vision for a solid-phase carbo-thermal reduction technology for making phosphoric acid efficiently. Since that time, we have been focused on making our technology work: in the lab, in pilot operations and in our demonstration plant. Building on these efforts, we have now demonstrated that Novaphos technologies are commercially viable and ready to scale.

In 2019 we renamed ourselves Novaphos, signifying our transition from technology development to commercialization. We look forward to sharing our story with you. 

Our Phosphoric Acid Process

Our Phosphoric Acid Process




Novaphos has worked for than a decade to develop its technologies for more sustainable production of phosphates. Over that time, we have achieved some important milestones.

Novaphos_Milestone Graphic

An experienced team

The Novaphos team is committed to improving the phosphate industry and making it more
sustainable. Our team has more than 150 years of experience in the phosphate sector, and we
understand what is important to industry stakeholders: producers and consumers. 

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